Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bardo at Ten Months

I've been reading everyone's baby updates so I thought I'd post a few of my own so that everyone can get to know the wonderful and amazing Bardo better.

1. Bardo loves to get into things.
a. Toilet splashing is a new fave, and when the Warlock's home I find I have to be extra careful. Quinn can now open the lid on the toilet and splash about.
b. Bardo also enjoys trying to climb into the bath--especially when I'm tidying up the kids' bedroom after I've pajamaed him. His head is just heavy enough that he's actually dived in once. Luckily Rebecca saved him from drowning and no harm was done.
c. We have to shut bathroom doors around here.
d. Bardo tries to get in the pantry.
e. Bardo is obsessed with the Warlock's Playstation. He especially loves the guitar for Guitar Hero.
f. Bardo loves to remove all the toys from the bins. He used to stop to taste them, but now he knows what they taste like, and he just removes them quickly and deposits them onto the floor.
g. Bardo thinks that Pippi's dresser drawers are an amusment park ride. Surprisingly he's never slammed his fingers in her drawers.

h. Bardo tries to help empty the dishwasher--even when the dishes are dirty. And he always manages to get knives out first. Luckily he's easily distracted with a wooden spoon and a pot.
i. Bardo wants to play the piano, I think. He cruises along the piano and bench and delights in the noise that he can make as he holds his hands high over his head and presses those keys.

2. Bardo loves music.
a. He bounces to the beat of any music, even my singing.
b. He loves the rhythm of "Patty Cake," and he really claps his hands with energy and with that open mouth smile on his face.

3. Bardo will not sit still for a sacrament meeting or a book or a TV show. This week I put in a Baby Einstein show just to try to get him to cuddle with me for a few minutes. It didn't work. He can barely sit still when I nurse him.

4. Bardo's favorite foods are applesauce, organic teething biscuits (they're less messy), and string cheese, chicken, plain yogurt, and carrots. But he'll eat at least a little bit of everything I give him.

5. His least favorite food is spinach.

6. Bardo communicates. But not with words. He's got a very expressive face. Additionally he uses something similar to monkey language, "uh uh uh" while he bounces up and down on his bum means "I want that." "ooobwooo" while he shakes his head and closes his eyes means, "don't give me anymore of that." "AAaaaah" with a low high low pitch fluctuation means either, "stop wiping my face" or "I don't need a diaper" or "stop messing with me."
7. Bardo sucks his index and middle fingers to put himself asleep.

8. Bardo can stand all by himself for about 10 seconds if he really concentrates.

9. Bardo likes to be outside. He likes the lawn, the sandbox, woodchips in playground...he even likes to go on walks in his stroller. He loves to gently tug at the grass and pet it with his fingers. He also runs the sand through his fingers. And eventually he'll try to eat all that stuff, too.

10. Bardo likes other kids, and other kids like Bardo. This week I watched another kid stick his nose in Bardo's mouth. Luckily Bardo didn't bite him. But Bardo's favorite kid is Pippi. He adores her, and she him.

11. Bardo loves his mommy (ME). He has a little bit of separation anxiety right now, even.

12. Bardo can sleep through the night, and he takes 2 naps each day.

13. Bardo has seven teeth.

14. Bardo's had 2 haircuts already, and is in need of another.

15. Bardo's got a lot of positive energy. We love him so much and we're so glad he's a member of our family.


JessK said...

Great lists! I have loved watching your kids grow over the years (or months, in Bardo's case). Thanks for sharing.

citymama1 said...

What sweet babes you have. I have that same feeling with Olivia, ever so often, where I just want to freeze the moment. This is actually why I started blogging, so I could record those moments and share them with others.

Amberly said...

I think you have instilled a sense of adventure early in Bardo. Most little people don't like the feel of grass and sand, it's an acquired texture. I love this snapshot of him right now, makes me feel like I know him a little better.

Lisa said...

What a cute kid!! I think your kids are like you, GREAT!