Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Feel Like I Should Blog About Something...

I listened to 5 minutes of Rush Limbaugh today, and I've decided that he's senile. He described on the air his "beautiful cat's" urinary tract problem and the drama it had caused him last night. I'm sorry Rush, it was just a little too much information. It had been about a year since I'd listened to his program, and I think I may have to wait yet another year.

I ground my own meat today in the food processor. "Why?" you ask. Why not?

Bardo's taking steps. He will take 4 and 5 steps at a time and then he falls on his bum and crawls crawls crawls.

Bardo's favorite person is Pippi. All of you people out there with one child, enjoy being the favorite, because it may never happen again. She knows just how to entertain him. When I got out of the shower (the warlock was home supervising, lest you think I'm an irresponsible mother), they were playing together in the bath tub. Bardo loves his bath toys and was having a blast in the dry tub. Later on in the morning Pippi rolled him and tickled him on the Warlock's sleeping pad for camping. She calls it "pad" time. All she has to do is smile at him in her Pippi way, and he screams and laughs.

Pippi likes to feed Bardo: a lick of her lollipop here, a dollop of chocolate pudding there, and then bam--Shrek push-pop all over his face. Maybe Quinn will learn to like getting dressed because I have to change his clothes at least 3 times each day.

Pippi's discovered the joy of mopping this week. She mopped the kitchen, the bathtub, the refrigerator, the walls (until I told her that was a bad idea), and the front steps. Thank goodness I have Pippi to teach me how to make my work fun.

Pippi's friend started his own preschool today. I told her it was okay if she went to his house to "play" school. She quickly corrected me and told me that they were not playing and that it was a real school. I observe at the school this afternoon, and Charbelle runs a perfect school for his 3 year-old brothers. The total school day is about 7 minutes. They have circle time where they say their name and hello. Then they go to their desks where they identify letters and numbers (1 letter or number for each student). After that they get a snack and a nap. When they wake up from the nap, they go to recess, and then home. Everyone behaved perfectly, even the 3 year-old boys, but I must say, Pippi was the star of the class. She got an A+ grade.

Pippi made her Barbie's a my little pony drawn carriage today. Note the barbie band aid seat belts.

Pippi leaves the door open to the bathroom. Bardo, of course, bee lines it to the toilet. Pippi catches him, but doesn't tell me. Instead, she runs for the camera. So you can thank her for the potty pictures.


Lisa said...

I am so glad they are such great friends. Pippi's creativity is always amazing to me!

Prairie Smoke said...

When my kids were Bardo's age, I used to say, "Build up you immunities!" It's something all the creeping crud they get into.