Sunday, June 17, 2007

The 7th Anniversary of Stacy's Birth

Seven short years ago, I became a mother. The birth was traumatic. I remember having the nurse and the anesthesiologist pushing hard on my stomach while the O.B. was working magic with forceps to bring Stacy into the world healthy and strong. After she was born, she was blue, and they couldn't find a heartbeat. But she recovered quickly. Even so, she went to the NICU and was 2 hours old before I held her in my arms.

Not really realizing that the mother was supposed to be in charge, I let her set the pace. I fed her on demand, she slept near me, and I carried her as much as I possibly could, talked to her constantly, and taught her that she deserved to be entertained CONSTANTLY. Whoops! Luckily, she had a father to correct all my mistakes.

Stacy taught me so much. She came with an innate love for others. She quickly became at ease with all female adults, and when we would go to playgroups she would sit on whichever mother was the closest. I don't think I would have every made any friends without Stacy's blue eyes and intense stare beckoning the comments of others. I felt like such a good mother with her. She spoke so early, she walked at the "perfect" time, she could climb up to the slide and slide down by herself at 15 months of age. Truly I thought I'd borne a perfect child.

Of course, a few years, and reality hits, and you discover that your own child is blessedly normal in their own extraordinary way. And you love them more and more each year.

I miss Stacy crawling into bed with me first thing in the morning. (She's the only child who will EVER get away with that.)

I miss Stacy sticking up for me when Pippi and the Warlock decide to tickle me too hard.

I miss Stacy asking me to read a new book.

I miss her helping me in the kitchen.

I miss her keeping an eye on Pippi.

I miss her pretending to be my swimming coach during a swim workout.

I miss her sand box creations.

I miss her sweet love notes and drawings.

But I know I'll see her again, and I know that things will be better than ever. Thank goodness for the Gospel.


tenacious d said...

Wow. Knowing that you will see her again and she will always be your daughter must be comforting, but can't completely fill that hole her going on ahead has left. Your posting is a lovely tribute.

eryka said...

I love how Stacy would always help me with Isaac. She loved to be the "little mom" to all of the kids. She was always so happy and fun to be around. I'm so glad I was able to be her friend. I really admire your strength and testimony! Your an incredible person and mom. Thanks so much for your example and friendship.

Lisa said...

I miss her too! Do you think she is talking to my unborn children and telling them about me? I bet she getting them pumped to come to earth! Love you tons!

Amberly said...

oh you have me in tears. I, too, think she is amazing little spirit and think you are an amazing mother. your faith and strength the past few years astounds me. Thanks for being such an example to me. I love you Maren.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute...

love the Babidges

JessK said...

I love that girl! And her mom. Watching the two of you helped me a lot now that I have Emma. Thanks for a good cry and a smile.

Prudence said...

I love her too and miss her. I thought about her a lot on her birthday and my birthday. I remember when I turned 21 and I was in France hoping she'd be born on my Birthday! Thanks for the cry!

Nancy said...

I loved spending time with Stacy. She was such a beautiful little girl with gorgeous blue eyes. I loved spending time with her. And she was such a good little helper with her sister. The few times I watched them, I pretty much let her tell me what needed to be done, with our playtime and with Becca. I especially remember that train set that had to be set up exactly like the picture on the box, or it wasn't right. :)

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter.

Principessa said...

What a beautiful tribute to Stacy. You are a great mom and an awesome example. I admire your ability to keep moving . . . big hugs for you!

Jaime said...

I miss Stacy too. Her blond curly hair and sweet, curious smile is forever etched on my brain. Soo sweet, soo sincere! She is yours forever!