Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to Make your Good Kids Bad

All you have to do is neglect them--you know, feed them at irregular intervals, make them travel by plane and car all in one day, and in doing so keep them from their regular sleeping times.

This past week has been somewhat rough. Packing and all the phone calling that I have to do to make sure our move happens and our closing happens has really stressed out the kids. Additionally, we've all been sleep deprived from our travel marathon.

To reduce our travel costs this last vacation we decided to fly into SLC, crash for the night at the Warlock's brother's house, and then drive the 7 hours or so to Montana. Pippi, because she was so exhausted and Continental Airlines decided to serve fried chicken sandwiches at 9 PM, puked on and off all through the flight. Thank goodness for barf bags. The Warlock took care of this while I took care of Bardo. Honestly I can't even remember how he behaved on that flight. All I know is he didn't puke all over me which is an improvement over the last time I flew to SLC with him on my lap. But we survived. Unfortunately, the flight home was pretty bad, too. Pippi cried the whole time we were in the check out line (we were taking the red-eye scheduled to leave at 11 PM). Bardo cried during the first part of the flight before he went to sleep. At one point, The Warlock mouthed to me, "Make him stop!" I just sat there. What am I supposed to do? Stuff a sock in his mouth? Uh, no. So I just held him and let him release all that stress we inflicted on his one-year old body. While he "slept," I "slept." But when we arrived home early Sunday morning (5:45), last week, we were hashed. We fell into bed and slept all the way through church.

I tried to be patient this week I really did, but with all the packing and telephoning, I snapped a few too many times. Pippi was tired this week too. Bardo just wanted to be where Pippi was, outside that is. Unfortunately I just can't send him out by himself, mostly because he runs into the street, fall every 10 feet or so, chases the neighbor's cat, and eats dirt.

I have high hopes for this week. We actually went to church, and it's amazing the difference it makes. Pippi came home insisting that she help with the packing. My sweet Pippi is back again! Yay!

So wish me luck you guys. The countdown is on, over half the boxes are packed, all (hopefully) the arrangements have been made, and we're movin' to Texas. All we have to do is keep from killing one another.


Kissy said...

Silly Witch,

You are one brave and amazing mama! You've accomplished an incredibe amount of things in one short month. You're my inspiration! (PS...You've also inspired me to write in my blog again...there are a few random thoughts there, so go and check it out :))

Prudence said...

I completely understand about the stress of moving on kids. Fiona has had a rough week since Pippi left as well. I hope we survive or next long flight . . . . My one thought this week was I hope my kids survive the life they are going to lead do to snaps' job! Our kids are made of tough stuff, so they will be okay in the end!

Lisa said...

Yay! You go Girl! :) This week has got to be better!

tenacious d said...

You did have a heinous week! I'll keep you guys especially in my prayers while you do this moving thing. Ugh! You can do it!!

Principessa said...

Wow. Quite the past month for you! I personally think your drive to TX will be better than flying. I hate flying with children. It is way more stressful than driving. Good luck with everything. I will be thinking of you!

JessK said...

Ah, plane rides...Dave did the same thing on our flight to Cali. Make her stop! If only we had a magic wand a la Harry Potter...Have a good trip down to TX. NJ will miss you!

Amberly said...

I know I'm late on this one and that you're already on your way, but I have to say that you made me laugh right out loud reading that the Warlock looked at you on the plane and said, "make him stop." Hilarious, although I completly understand it was far from it at the moment. My nerves have been short lately as well and I surely do not have the excuse you do. Get there safely and the wide space of Texas will restore your sanity!