Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things I Miss About New Jersey: Part II

I've been feeling a little nostalgic today as I unpack boxes and try to reassemble my home.

I miss my neighbors. I really adored my Homestead Village neighbors. Do you think I will grow to love my neighbors here as much as I loved my neighbors in Metuchen?

I miss New Jersey weather. Everyone warned me that the weather was awful down here. I need to go buy mosquito repellent. And I just need to force myself outside. I love outside. One of our last evenings in New Jersey before the packing tumult sticks in my mind. Bardo had gone to bed early and I had promised Pippi a walk, so we walked to the Campbell School playground. We had fun playing on the equipment. The slide was by far the fastest slide I've ever been on, not including water slides. And, much to our delight we saw bunnies hopping in the baseball field. We almost got close enough to pet one of them. As the evening grew darker, we saw fireflies (or lightening bugs, as they say in New Jersey.) Pippi discovered that she could catch them. A lady saw her catching them and brought her a jar so she could take some home.

I miss Pippi being able to play with her friends every day. I can't wait for her to make friends here. She will love it here so much more with friends to play with.

I miss being within walking distance of the public library, post office, train station, drug store, and dry cleaner.

But I love my house, everything about it. And I'm excited to be here and to make more friends, it's just that I forgot how much emotional strength moving entails.


Lisa said...

Of course you will love your new neighbors just as much! Time will help you get to know them!

Love you!

tenacious d said...

You did make living in New Jersey sound so much nicer than I would have ever imagined it could be. If you can make NJ so liveable, you can make Houston a happy, fun place, too, for as long as you need to be there.

Prudence said...

I always feel sad sometimes too, but I've always been happy everywhere I've lived. Where you live is what you make of it! Start inviting people in your ward or your neighbors over for dinner! That's what we always do and we always make so many fun friends that way!

JessK said...

You can come back and visit any time you want! You guys make friends easily--I give Pippi a week and she'll know the whole neighborhood.

Kissy said...

There will always be so many wonderful things that you will miss, and such great things to look forward to. I love you!

Prairie Smoke said...

Moving is such an adjustment. New Jersey was a neat place. It is so fabulous that you are able to from an apartment to such a great house.