Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bardo at 15 months

Lately Bardo has been so cute and so funny. I just thought I'd try to give everyone a verbal snapshot.

Bardo is a very very busy boy. I keep wondering if we'll ever graduate to reading a book together. He will sit for minutes at a time looking at books by himself, but he really really doesn't like sitting on my lap to read. He likes to have full control of the book and gets frustrated if the pages are not turned his way (which, of course, is never in order). He still really likes touch and feel books and books with baby faces. He likes books with animals, as well.

This past week, Bardo acquired a fascination for eyes, and now will stick his finger in my eye or Pippi's eye whenever he gets a chance. Noses of course are still very fun to grab. He's figured out that I don't really like to have my nose grabbed, so now he grabs his own nose and then babbles in a nasally voice with a smile on his face.

Bardo likes to climb. And he's a very fast climber. Each morning about and hour and a half after breakfast, he doesn't make a sound, but stealthily climbs onto the table and into his high chair. He makes a fuss if I try to remove him without giving him lunch or a snack. Most of his vocabulary orients around food. "Cheese" is one of his favorite words. It apply to cheese cubes, sticks, and macaroni and cheese. He can also say more and done. But rather than using those words he usually points to what he wants and whines "uh uh uh.?" Rather then saying done, he starts throwing food.

Besides climbing up to the table time after time after time and eating, Bardo entertains himself by getting into things, taking books off of the bookshelves, throwing tennis balls around the house, pressing buttons, toilet paper or paper towel unrolling, and giving himself a bath. I'm not kidding about that last one. He knows how to give himself a bath. He just doesn't know how to take his clothes off. He also loves chasing ducks. And he loves swimming, both in the pool and the bath tub. I often contemplate changing into my swimsuit while bathing him. He belly flops back and forth in delight, and water sloshes everywhere. I have to stay near to keep him from drowning and to protect his head from hitting the side of the tub.

Bardo has tender feelings. He cries when the Warlock tells him no. (He doesn't care if I say no.) If someone takes a toy away from him he cries. He has big alligator tears, his eyes turn red, and his lower lip hangs down very very low when his feelings are hurt.

He's very quick to laughter, cracking up when people sneeze or say "zzzzzz" really fast. These tricks haven't failed yet, making his tears disappear and helping Bardo forget his woes when he's sad. He also still thinks peekaboo is the best game ever. We also play "I'm going to get you" in the middle of every diaper change. When he gets to a wall he runs quickly back into my arms for a tough guy hug.

Bardo loves toys that make noise. And he loves music. One of my new friends has a dance studio in her garage. She turned on some River Dance music while we were at her house, and Bardo went crazy. He looked like he was clogging. Another of my new friends watched Bardo today, entertaining him by filling up his pockets with shakers. Quinn also loves playing on the piano. He discovered today how to open and close the piano cover making a loud noise. So today he was disciplined for the first time. Don't mess with my piano!

Bardo cuddles. He doesn't cuddle for long, maybe ten seconds. But I love hugging him. It's great to be loved.


Lisa said...

He is definitely different than you girls! A true Boy! What a great kid!

Lisa said...

It is so fun to get to know Bardo a little better. Thank you for sharing.

Prudence said...

Definitely sounds like my boy! Especially the climbing. Will they ever outgrow this stage? Thanks for sharing your fun stories with us!

Amberly said...

he sounds like a busy delightful little boy! I'm glad you are enjoying him so much, and that you were blessed with extra patience!

tenacious d said...

He sounds like so much fun. He has a lot to live up to with the amazing sister-act he's following.