Monday, September 03, 2007

Stewart Beach

Some of our new neighborhood/church friends invited us to head to Stewart Beach for the Labor Day holiday. We've been hearing awful things about the beaches near Houston, so Stewart Beach exceeded our expectations. It was everything people had been saying, namely, silty, but it was clean, and we had a great time. The sand didn't bother me because I've never been to the beach (or to the lake) without getting good and sandy.

We arrived there at about 9:30 this morning. Few people were there, so we found our friends quite easily. The water was shallow for a great distance away from the shore, so it was perfect for the kids. I couldn't believe how brave Pippi was against the ocean (scary). Bardo loved the small waves knocking him down, and he didn't eat any sand (except for maybe the stuff that was stuck to his 2 sucking fingers). While at the beach, the clouds spit on us a couple of times, but it just made the visit all the more refreshing. The air felt much cooler at the beach, and we had a good mix of cloud cover and sunshine.

I've been trying to talk the Warlock into a beach trip for quite some time, so luckily he had a good time. There' s even been talk of exploring some of the other beaches in the Galveston area. Hopefully his sunburn won't scare him away.


tenacious d said...

Awesome! I'm glad you found a decent beach nearby. It makes life so much more liveable.

JessK said...

No pictures??? Dave and I were talking about you this weekend. We miss you.