Monday, October 29, 2007

He's Baaaaack

This past week, Bardo was sick with a stomach flu. He'd only eat fishy crackers, he wouldn't drink much water; he'd sleep restlessly, crash on the floor at 6:00 p.m., wake at Hunter's first bark, and want to be held all the time.

Yesterday, he kicked off the day by dumping a box of Cheerios. Today he was back to climbing on the table, stealing handfuls of Pippi's food, eating dog food when I told him he couldn't take Pippi's, banging his head on the floor when I told him not to eat dog food. He's back to eating, in general. The kid was ravenous today. I even got him to eat a couple of pieces of chicken, which he's never liked before. He was back to taking the dog's toys, teasing me with the telephone and remote controls. He discovered that he could pull things off the counter today. He also practiced his newest word, "mine," on Hunter all day long when Hunter would try to take things out of his hands. He also innocently snatched Pippi's paints off the table as soon as she pulled her brush out of the container. It's good to have my boy back, but it's NOT easier.


Amberly said...

he's got fire, I can tell! glad he's feeling better, hope you enjoyed your down time!

Kissy said...

I don't think I've ever seen another pair of eyes that twinkle as mischeviously as Bardo's do!