Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been tagged

Thanks Amberly! Maybe this will bring me out of my blogging rut! The rules are to post 6 items about yourself (habits, traits, deep dark secrets, etc.) on your blog, then tag 6 more people to do the same.

1. I'm sitting here drinking water. Exciting, huh? Well, just so you know, I love water. There is no better drink. My hair is damp because I just took a bath. I didn't used to like baths, but now, I do, because we have jets in our master bathtub.

2. I just started reading The Night Journal by Elizabeth Crook. I also finished the Twilight series. Before I read Twilight I felt like I was at book club unprepared. I loved the story, but I don't believe I've ever read a book with more declarations of love. I wonder if there would be any way to delete those and still have a good book. Also, I have a bad habit. I start reading a book, and it's all I can do until it's complete. I enter an imaginary world, and I can't get out until I've explored all there is to explore.

3. My sister just had her first baby! She's going to be the best mommy in the world.

4. While Amberly's dejunking and organizing, I'm sitting here blogging while I've lived in a house for four months and I still have boxes that need to be unpacked. We all have different levels of tolerance for disorderliness. And I'm nothing if not tolerant.

5. I have a new calling in my brand new ward: primary pianist. I think I may be the luckiest person on the planet! I was with a friend a couple of years ago who asked me if I played the piano. I told her that I did, but that I wasn't that great. I also mentioned that I hadn't ever really wanted that knowledge to be made public because I was afraid that I would only ever get to play the piano in church. She replied, a primary president at the time, "Exactly, you Silly Witch, all you'd ever have to do is play the piano." She was right. This is so great. So thanks Mom and Dad for all those years of lessons.

6. This morning I slept in until 6:15. I had plenty of time to get ready to go running at 6:45 with some friends, and then Bardo woke up. So I started making him breakfast and told the Warlock that I was planning on running. Unfortunately he was planning on a long bath. Pippi came downstairs saying, "Mom, I want to help you today." "Pippi, will you feed Bardo so I can go on a run?" And she did it! And she took care of Hunter, too. What a kid.

I'm tagging: Jess, Jaime, Shelly, Melissa, Diane, and Kristy. Have at it!


Prudence said...

After other callings I've had, primary pianist is the best! It's mine too! Welcome to the club! When are you going to post your whole wheat bread recipe you were telling me about?

Kissy said...

I totally agree about being a pianist at church! It's the best calling ever. Thanks for tagging me, I needed some fresh ideas!

tenacious d said...

Primary pianist is the awesomest calling in the world. You get to hang out with the kids, but you don't have to worry about teaching them the songs.

Amberly said...

love the list, thanks for participating! if I had jets in my tub, that's where I'd be too, that sounds perfectly heavenly!