Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kindergarten Field Trip

Pippi got to ride a school bus for the very first time yesterday! She went with her class and 7 other kindergarten classes to Settler's Village in Jesse Jones park. I followed the bus in my car (at the teacher's suggestion) with Bardo. It was a very nice excursion, though a bit stressful for some of the children. I was glad to be there to keep Pippi feeling safe.

This last picture is great, don't you think? Pippi's in midair, and Bardo looks like he's on starting blocks.


eryka said...

I love your kids. They look like they had a ton of fun! Field trips are the best!

JessK said...

Pippi is looking so TALL and mature these days.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thinking about you.

tenacious d said...

Those are great pictures. What a fun time!

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

Lisa said...

That last picture is amazing! Good job silly witch. It sounds like Pippi had a fun field trip and I bet you were glad to have the opportunity to come along!

Prudence said...

Pippi's hair is getting so long! What a fun day!

Prairie Smoke said...

Sounded like a fun trip. I am so glad when schools pay attention to Thanksgiving, which I think is a very important holiday. Commercial entities seem to want to jump directly from Halloween to Christmas and use Thanksgiving as the first day of the Christmas season.
Yikes! SEVEN Kindergarten classes????