Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Bananas to Bedtime

Bardo was removed from his crib around 7 this morning to start his exciting day. He starts off the day with a banana, and than another half of a banana. He then starts to cling to my leg while I assemble the ingredients for some delicious whole wheat pancakes. "Bardo, you look like you want to help. Do you want to help?" He nods. He than proceeds to finger paint all over the counter with some yogurt. He is directly placed back down on the floor, but somehow feels more satisfied just knowing what was going on on the counter.

He eats his pancakes in a surprisingly clean manner, but still decides that he will climb into Pippi's bath water with his clothes on. Somehow he only gets his pants wet. After changing clothes, I put Bardo in the backpack. The dog, seeing the backpack, starts running around and jumping. We all walk the dog.

After the walk, I decide that Pippi is indeed well enough to go to school. We take her to school, carefully carrying the diorama she made about the Arctic Tern.

The Hardware Store
Bardo and I head to the hardware store. When we walk into the store; we put weed killer in the cart. Bardo says, "Daddy." We walk over to the the door hardware. Bardo says, "Daddy." We investigate the shelving as Bardo calls, "Daddy daddy daddy." Auntie Lisa calls; I let him listen to his Auntie's voice, and he smiles really big before he pushes the phone away. As we drive home, Bardo eats a snack and then falls quickly to sleep.

Bardo naps for 2 hours. After nap I put Bardo in his high chair and feed him a peanut butter and honey sandwich. He eats the first half of the sandwich and then stands up and starts shaking his high chair. "Do you want more?" Bardo gives his head a big nod and he sits back down. Bardo pulls the second half of his sandwich apart and puts one slice of bread on each cheek. Lovely.

The Playground
After a quick clean up job and a change of clothes, we hop into the car to get Pippi from school. We're a little early, so Bardo runs for the playground. Bardo discovers that the teeter-totter is much bouncier now that a bolt is missing. He stands and bounces it for awhile before he tries the slide. He calls "whee" as he goes down the slide. He tries to climb up, but it's too slippery. He heads to the monkey bars and tries to usurp the ladder from a big two-year old.

The Duck Pond
After we collect Pippi, she proposes that we go and visit the ducks. So we drive a block and go to the lake. Bardo chases after the ducks and giggles, trying to touch them. He gets close to the banks of the pond, and looks like he might crawl in after a baby duck. He chases another duck, walking through a bunch of mud. Hmmmmm. I think, "It's time to go. Bardo's going to get muddy." I call for Pippi, pick up Bardo, and head for the car. But Pippi doesn't want to go home. Pippi wants to stay with the ducks longer. I put Bardo down as Pippi and I discuss the matter. As I'm "convincing" Pippi that it truly is time to go, I turn my head to the left, only to find Bardo's hands stuck in a muddy patch. He's quite frustrated with his current state. I pluck him out of the mud by the back of his clothes, open the car door and quickly remove his shoes and pants. I wipe his hands with baby wipes, locate a plastic bag for the soiled clothing, and set Bardo down so I can actually get the clothes in the bag. Bardo delightedly runs pantless, in his stocking feet around the parking lot until I catch him and get him into his car seat.

Piano Practice
After dinner, Pippi decides to practice the piano. Bardo, runs right after her, dressed in only a diaper. He sits himself upon the bench and plays a few self-composed numbers. Rebecca requests that I get him out of her way.

Daddy's Home
hen Daddy gets home we have some family time. We gather in the family room, talking and playing. Hunter grabs the Ken doll, Bardo grabs the Barbie and starts removing her clothes. The Warlock and I look at one another and proclaim that it is now time to get rid of all things Barbie. I confiscate Ken who now only has half a left foot. The Warlock confiscates Barbie. And as we talk about what to do with these dear dolls, Bardo calls "Bahbie."

Bed Time
ventually it's time to wind down. Bardo brings me Where Is My Baby. He points to all the flowers, trees, animals, suns, clouds, and insects and says his baby words for each thing. When we finish the last page he returns to the beginning. He does this several times, savoring the sound of each word on each page. His hair is clean and freshly cut, though his bangs are somewhat crooked. We'll fix them tomorrow, for his eyelids look heavy. He protests being plopped in his crib, but is pleased when we hand him his book and his cup. Sweet dreams.


Amberly said...

good grief! your day is completely exhausting, and you only had one most of the day! It's a darn good thing that you are a very patient woman!

Lisa said...

I love your description! What an awesome view into Bardo's life. Maybe he just likes to change his clothes and he knows if he gets them dirty enough you will change them. You are a good mom!

tenacious d said...

I wish you had gotten a picture of Bardo with the pb'n'h on his face.

I started to write a long comment about why I think you're a great mom (and person!), but let's just leave it at: YOU'RE A GREAT MOM AND PERSON!

JessK said...

I hope you sleep blissfully too. What a fun, tiring day. :)

Kissy said...

Sounds like a pretty full day!

Prairie Smoke said...

Bardo has changed so much since we last saw him. A slice of bread on each cheeck, held in place with peanut butter, is pretty creative when you think about it.