Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random Thoughts: My Dog, Report Cards, and Popcorn

So I love my dog. I think everyone loves their own dog, but I'm shocked really at how much I love this "beast." Growing up, I didn't like animals. There was an outdoor cat named Smokey that made me laugh, but I'm allergic to cats. Our dog Buster was okay even though he howled every time anyone played the piano (this was constant in a home where 5 children were taking piano lessons), but every time I went to a friend's house, I found myself merely tolerant of their animals. I remember waking up to a friend's cat licking my face. And I remember the awful smell of the Sieben Sheep Ranch. And the zoo, until I had children, was a waste of my time. I would watch the people in Morningside Heights, with their dogs, picking up poo, and would wonder how anyone could bring that upon themselves. But now, with my animal-loving children and my house, I'm a happy poop picker upper. Next year, I think I might even try antlers on my dog.

Pippi brought a report card home. She's at a reading level 14 with a smiley face. So I guess that means she's doing great. So maybe they could start working on writing numbers? Pippi's number and letter recognition is flawless. Writing is much harder (especially getting the numbers the right way), and since she's in school all day, I don't have time to practice with her. Well, I have time, but I'd rather be playing, hugging, making her do chores... She's gonna figure out which way the 5 goes, right?

I made Thai Curry today for dunch (This is the meal between lunch and dinner, after church). Pippi hated it. Bardo did not. So after I put Bardo down for a nap, Pippi grabbed the cashews and had cashews for dinner. Then, Pippi and I made popcorn (with our air popper, so it's healthy) for a snack. I guess favorite foods run in the family.

Bardo's getting stronger than me. I mean, I have to really run after the kid. I don't workout for physical exertion anymore, I workout to achieve a calm and relaxed state of mind.


Lisa said...

Random responses: I also love my dog. As far as I am concerned my dog is the best pet in the world. I also would love a pair of antlers for him next Christmas. I might even think of a good Halloween costume.
Pippi will most certainly learn her numbers at school, but she will not get enough hugs there. Your priorities are right on!
I think you are right, popcorn atleast runs in the family. Cashews too maybe!

Amberly said...

I think your curry sounds very yummy, but it's fun to have popcorn with mom, lucky pippi! I like these random thoughts of yours!

Prudence said...

My kiddos eat popcorn and cashews frequently for dinner. They will like vegetables someday, right? The oldest eats salad though! So I think there is hope for the other ones. You are such a good mom! Keep giving your kids hugs!