Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eggs

Every year I dye eggs with the kids. Every year, they have so much fun, but I feel in constant panic. Having a workable kitchen with breathing room and a responsible 6 year-old that knows how to listen to reason made all the difference this year. And I put Bardo to bed first. And I learned the "right" way to make hard-cooked eggs. The thought had never even occurred to me that there was a wrong way.

Pippi was very particular about the way that we display the eggs. In this picture, her eggs are in the pink basket. My eggs are in the green. The blue basket was reserved for the "group picture." Whatever.
Pippi is especially proud of this egg. She says she's not going to eat it until days after Easter. Hopefully not too many days...

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tenacious d said...

What is the right way to make hard-boiled eggs? I have to admit that I have to look in my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook whenever I want to make them. I usually do the cold water method.