Monday, April 07, 2008

Astros Game

Thanks to "Uncle Skadden," we had the opportunity to attend the Astro's game a week ago. We had a great time pretending to be outside on a hot day. Houston's hot weather along with the beautiful Minute Maid Stadium may make a baseball fan out of me.

Bardo enjoyed his first game. He seems to like anything with a field and a ball.

And, check out what Pippi got:

She didn't catch it herself. This guy caught it from a broadcasting box. It was a great catch, and it was nice of him to part with it.


tenacious d said...

I didn't know that Sisyphys (sp?) worked for Uncle Skadden. He can be a generous guy. Not as generous as the guy who gave Pippi the baseball, though. That was really nice!

Lisa said...

Kael also seems to like anything with a ball that moves.Bright red uniforms are even more interesting

Prairie Smoke said...

I noticed my boy liked to pound and throw and was interested in balls way before my girls were.

Looks like a fun day!