Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tagged--The Box

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Thank you Sheralie for the opportunity to shamelessly talk about myself.

A little while my mom sent be a box full of things from my high school years. Lately I've been regretting what a total twit I was back then, and wondering how anyone could have liked me. I felt like I lacked character back then and that I didn't have a charitable heart. Most of all I felt sorry. But, "the box" showed me that I wasn't all bad in those difficult teenage years, and so now, I will share with you some thoughts about the younger Silly Witch.

1. I was obsessed with sports. My self worth was partially dependent on how well I was doing in sports. I played basketball, volleyball, and ran track. In Junior High I slept with a basketball. I would lay on my bed practicing my shooting form. I put sports above everything, accept school. I missed church activities, I ditched a piano festival (my teacher was NOT happy about this), I had zero social life--all to participate in sports or watch sports.

2. My freshman year, I ran myself ragged and caught mono. I had to relax. I had to quit track. I quit piano lessons. And I took a break from seminary. I would come home from school and just sleep. All I did was sleep. And it still seemed to take forever to recover.

3. Even though I was not devoted to Mutual, my YW leaders loved me and always made me feel special. I'm sure they were disappointed in my lack of interest in the Young Women awards, but they often wrote me very nice notes telling me about the qualities I possessed. "The box" contained a few of these notes.

4. One leader told me she admired my no frills personality. I have to laugh at that--because it's true, completely true, even still.

5. I was a very cranky teenager. I wasn't nice to my Mom, and for that I'm very very sorry. Now, I LOVE my Mom. She's one of my best friends.

6. In general, I didn't get along with other teenagers very well. I didn't have the desire or maturity to date seriously, I didn't understand why anyone would want to party, drink, do drugs or even just "hang out." I liked spending time with my family. I think this was one result of my "no frills" personality.

7. The box showed me that I was a good kid, not exceptional, but good. The teenage years can be fun, but really, they were hard for me, so, I'm happy I survived a time where stupid decisions can ruin your whole life without making any really bad choices.

I'm tagging: Julianne, Jessica, Jaime, Amberly, Erin, Kim, and Soccermom Stephanie.


Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I've learned so many new things about you! Although I think you were a bit hard on yourself, those teenage years are tumultuous for everyone! What a different perspective I have now that I'm a wife and a mother! I'm also glad I made it through without too many big mistakes, like I'm very glad I didn't murder my sister in her sleep! That would have been a bad idea! By the way, I like your personality! You are not phony and that's something I really admire in people.

Prudence said...

As your closest in age sister, it's interesting for me to read about how you viewed yourself in high school. I did not view you like that at all. The fact that you liked to hang out with me and the family says a lot about you. I think you were exceptional and a great sister. You also had and still have a great singing voice and play the piano well and are super smart. It's funny to read that your self worth was partially dependent on sports. That was just one of your talents. I know I always wished I was as good at singing and sports as you. Thanks heavens for our parents and that we survived our teenage years so well!

Kissy said...

We just have an awesome family, 'cause I enjoy hanging out with us too! :)

Lisa said...

As a younger sister, I totally and completely looked up to you. I wanted to be just like you and loved watching you compete. I was so proud of you. You also encouraged me. You were the one who told me I should run cross-country. And even though I wasn't that great at x-country, it was SO fun! I love you!

Amberly said...

I accept your challenge, although it may take a bit to get to it. I agree with the "no frills" part of you and love that about you. I also am guilty of number 5, not kind to my mother, but wouldn't want to live without her today.