Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why a Warlock is a Perfect Match for a Silly Witch

Last night The Warlock and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. The Warlock, to make up for all the eating out that he does without me (for work), made a reservation at Brennans, a very nice restaurant in downtown Houston. I haven't enjoyed eating out in a very long time, but last night, I loved it. The food was great, the company was great, the atmosphere was great, and our waiter said thank you (2 of my most favorite words) several times. Governor Pataki (of New York) even made an appearance.

Anyway, onto my list:

1- The Warlock is a talker. I am a listener. This works out perfectly, and really I can listen to him for hours. He's a brilliant thinker with a mind that processes about twice as fast as mine, and I always learn interesting things when we converse.

2- He has quite strong opinions. And his opinions make sense. But I can change them (sometimes).

3- The Warlock loves music and he knows about it. His tastes differ quite a bit from mine, so I'm grateful to him for introducing me to the world of Classic Rock. He also has a good sense about which songs I can tolerate out of his Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games. The Warlock has a great voice, and it's a pleasure to sing hymns next to him in church.

4- The Warlock has a good heart. He always wants to do things for people. He loves giving money to people and charities.

5- The Warlock really respects our kids. He's a natural teacher and is not afraid of explaining difficult concepts to Pippi. Her soccer games (and other activities) are very important to him, and he dreams of the day when he will be able to coach.

6- The Warlock loves the out-outdoors. He likes the backcountry best, where there are few people. He's a backpacking equipment junkie (Pippi even has a pack), I think to help him dream of the isolation that he gets when backpacking in the desert.

7- The Warlock says he doesn't like other people's kids, but this is not true. He loves ALL kids. He just doesn't like babysitting. He really likes teenagers, which don't require babysitting.

8- The Warlock loves to read. His profession requires a lot of (boring, to me) reading, but still, the Warlock goes to bed with a book, usually the Lord of the Rings. He enjoys fine literature, but NOT Jane Austen.

9- The Warlock likes to shop. He likes to buy things for me. What woman wouldn't love this? He finds it hard to deny me anything. Luckily, I have the sense to not make demands that would push him (or our finances) over the edge.

10-I adore this man. He holds me when I cry. He laughs at me when I take myself too seriously. He teaches me when I need to know. He loves me, and I am SO lucky.


Kissy said...

Happy Anniversary! I had no idea that your Warlock can sing. This was a fun post, I'm so glad that I know you both!

tenacious d said...

Happy anniversary! It's one of life's great joys to find someone you mesh well with.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Congrats! And I can't believe it's been nine years! I was there on that blessed day! What a lovely tribute to your husband! I've known him a long, long time and not only do I know how insanely smart he is, I also know what a good person he is! I hope you two have a great anniversary week!

Lisa said...

Congratulations! You married a great man! And you are a great Girl! I also remember that day, but most of my memories are rather self-centerd (I was a teenager) I remember getting my hair done, buying a new dress and other such lada!

Love you both silly witch and warlock!

JessK said...

Happy Anniversary! You are two of my favorite people.

PS. You move all the way to Houston and you still can't get away from Pataki? :)

Darrell said...

Happy Anniversary!

Darrell and Jenny

Prairie Smoke said...

The Warlock is brilliant in many ways. And the Silly Witch is brilliant in many ways. They definitely complement each other. Happy anniversary!

P.S. Why do I always have to do a word verification when I view your blog now?

Nancy said...

happy anniversary! i hope you had a good time! i remember in NYC trying to advise him on fun things to do for your anniversary (i think this was the disneyland year) when we were supposed to be studying for finals or something. he sure loves you!