Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pippi Punch

This is Pippi's own after-school invention, her own words:

1 lemon
1 tangelo
1 otter pop (any flavor will do)
2 strawberries
Malt Ovaltine- 2 handfuls
sugar, to taste

Cut lemon. Squeeze the juice into a tall glass. Cut tangelo. Squeeze the juice into the glass. Squeeze each strawberry into the glass. It will feel slimy. Put water in glass, 2 inches not full. Mix sugar into the drink until it tastes sweet enough. Add Malt ovaltine--2 Pippi sized handfuls. Stir. Enjoy.


The Flora MOM said...

I love the recipe - we'll have to try it here at our house too. Mr. S and Haileykins love to help out in the kitchen and they'd love to invent a new drink. Wish we could get Piipi and them together :)

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Wow, what a creative little imp! I'm sure my girls would love this recipe! They love all the ingredients, we've just never thought to mix them! Thanks Pippi!

Nancy said...


i love the new look! the green is very elegant and pretty.

Lisa said...

Maybe Pippi should go on Iron Chef!