Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kindergarten Wrap Up--The Last Walk Home

Tuesday was the last day of school. Pippi is a officially a first grader.

Pippi walked home with Jeffrey, who's going to be a world traveler for the next few years, for the last time. He will be missed. You know your child has a good friend when Pippi comes home saying things like, "Jeffrey's my friend, but he doesn't say I can't have any other friends." (Unlike many of the girls in her class.) Or "The other boys said it was a boys game, but Jeffrey let me play anyway." or "Jeffrey and I are working hard in school because we're gonna go to BYU."

Anyway, the kids truly enjoyed their last walk through "the woods" together.

They collected flowers.

They played with vines.
Vines make good tails, don't you think?
Of course, Bardo needed a "vine," too. By the way, you should hear the way he says "too." He's irresistable.
Ahem. That's an awfully big vine Bardo.
The children also found a baby tree. "It's a seedling." Jeffrey corrected.
And of course, what's a walk through the woods...

without a stop to climb trees....
And other things.Anyway, we'll miss Jeffrey and the rest of the Broadbent family. Don't forget us! But may you have many beautiful walks home from school with great friends wherever you go. And may you find even better trees (and other things) to climb.


Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

We totally feel your pain! June's only friend in her primary class just moved this week to Arizona. Today, June got ready for church and cried because Skylie would not be there. We love your nature pictures very much, even if the story line is a little sad!

tenacious d said...

What a good friend and what a fun way to get home from school. Here's hoping Pip and Jeffrey can stay in touch.

Lisa said...

I love walking home through the woods too. And I wish I could hear Bardo say Too!

Prairie Smoke said...

The only way i can take losing a friend like that is to comfort myself that surely there will be other wonderful I've yet to meet. Thanks for the great post.

Sheralie said...

Oh my goodness. I love it! I will have to resist waking Jeffrey up to see all these pictures!!

I just found out this afternoon that the elementary school is NOT within walking distance here - you have to use the bus? Good thing it is only K-1 school. Weird.

Deon said...

Congratulations on graduating Kindergarten! Your kids are sure getting big and cuter and cuter every day.

Pete said...

Farewell Pip and Bardo and Harley Boy. Great post. Thanks for the homage.