Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Vacation Memories

I was flipping through the pictures on my camera, but there are a bunch of pictures I remember taking that are NOT on my camera. I must have taken them with someone else's camera. So Mom, Kristy, and Lisa, I expect you to find some way of sharing some of my proud moments as a parent, such as: Bardo washing his hair in the dog's water and than taking a drink, Pippi cruisin' around on a four-wheeler, Bardo hauling buckets of water at Spring Meadow Lake. And how did we not take a picture of us in front of The Parrot Confectionery?I also wish we would've been able to catch pictures of the dog, Max pulling carrots from the garden--and eating them!

Luckily, I did catch a picture of Bardo riding horses... (you can also see Pippi and Lisa in the background)
I also caught Pippi holding the dogs at attention, sort of.

And I didn't catch many good pictures of us on the waterslide, but I love these pool pictures. For a picture of Adam sliding with Bardo, please see here.

This was a great vacation! We're surviving the Houston heat, and we love being back with our Warlock and Hunter but I adored being with my family.


Darrell said...

Maybe you used someone else's camera that you don't even know!

tenacious d said...

Oh! I love the pics on the other blog, too (except for the snake pics). Pippi is my hero. I love that she rides horses and ATVs and apparently does whatever she sets her mind to do.

Prairie Smoke said...

I am so glad you guys came. It was really fun. When you're 53, you have to have your grandkids come home so you can go down the waterslide. Waterslide attendants give very strange looks to 53 year old women who go down the slide without being accompanied by a grandchild.