Saturday, August 23, 2008


Wednesday Pippi, Bardo, and I went dog walking with two dogs. (We're dog sitting this week.) The expedition was less than successful. However, Pippi, while gazing into a puddle as I was glamorously scooping puppy poo found tadpoles! So we dumped out Pippi's hastily packed cereal from it's Ziploc bag and used the bag to catch one. We now have Maci the tadpole sprouting legs before our eyes and swimming in one of our old pickle jars. We are so lucky.


Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

That's funny, today June found a baby snake in our living room and now its slithering around in our old pickle jar! I hate snakes! But June is a lover of all animals (planning on being a vet). I think I'd rather have a tadpole!

Kissy said...

What fun!

Sheralie said...

We sure miss you on our outdoor expeditions. Rebecca has been impossible to replace!