Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Is there anything quite as tedious as handwriting practice? Not for Pippi.

Unfortunately, since Pippi is a 2nd grader now, the amount of "stuff" she's required to handwrite and the speed at which she wishes to write it has taken a giant leap.

So today, I sat down and showed her some cursive. She loves it. Counter-intuitive, eh?

But it still takes forever. She's so talented that I guess it's good for her to have some hurdles.:-)


Preston said...

builders should have good handwriting skills.

Witty said...

Yup, usually the tough stuff is what's really worth it!

JessK said...

I remember my little sister begging to write in cursive in 3rd grade but her teacher wouldn't "let" her yet because the teacher hadn't taught it. I have no doubt Pippi will come up with a fabulous signature.

Prairie Smoke said...

I remember cursive being hard for me. My 5th grade teacher wanted me to put more curves on the end of my letters and not stop them so abruptly. In the handwriting analysis field, would she be guilty of demading I change who I am?