Sunday, October 12, 2008

Everyday with Bardo

With a new baby on the way, I just feel like I need to treasure every moment...not because life will be bad, but because life will never be just like this again.

Bardo lately has become such a good friend to pass the days with. We seem to understand each other. As long as I play with him and stay off the phone, he's a perfect angel. He loves to talk to me about everything. He anxiously awaits garbage day, HEB (our grocery store) day, and he loves his weekly play day with his friend Miles. He loves books and will participate in library story time--in his own way. He loves his little potty and asks to wear underwear as we are walking out the door every day. And he thinks it's so funny when I tell him he can wear it on his head but he needs to wear a pull up today. He turns a 30 minutes flower planting job into a couple hours with his love for the dirt and his ability to scatter mulch everywhere. He thinks shovels and weedeaters are SO cool. He's very polite and asks permission in the sweetest way. "Can I touch your earrings just one touch? Can I have water? Can I have a hot bath? Can I see the garbage truck? Can I ride in the car cart? Can I take my sippy cup to bed?"

Bardo loves his friends and tries always to share and be gentle (unless he's tired or hungry).

This week I went to the toy store with Bardo because he started asking me, "Where's my horse?" in the most irresistable way whenever Pippi would play with her beloved horses. (He pulled the tail out of one of them, so she doesn't trust him anymore.) He picked out a chocolate brown stallion and this horse has been his constant companion for several days now. It was so worth $5 to not have this sharing issue anymore.

Bardo also loves sports. He loves balls and he loves catch. He loves soccer and he still talks about when Pippi played soccer last year. Bardo loves life, and it's so fun to be around him all day.


Amberly said...

he sounds absolutely delightful and your love affair with your sweet boy is very evident.

JessK said...

He looks so much older all of a sudden!

Witty said...

Oh How I love Bardo! Do you think he can say my name right yet? I almost hope he never does! I'm so glad you have the gift of capturing and treasuring those sweet moments.

Prairie Smoke said...

I remember staying home with my kids and having career women imply that I was not too bright, lazy, or uneducated. Now that their kids are grown and they missed so much of everything that really matters, I wonder what their persepective is.