Thursday, November 20, 2008

Questions from perfect strangers that irritate me in my hormonally charged state

Now, I'm only irritated when it's people that I have never met before in my life or see only occasionally, like the bagger at my grocery store. Friends and relatives can feel free to ask me these questions.

When are you due?
Got a name picked out? What is it?
Are you excited to have another one? (Seriously. I can't imagine why anyone would get into this with a stranger. I do happen to be very excited to welcome another girl into the family, but what if I wasn't? What do people expect with this silly small talk?)


Melissa said...

So funny - and really true! I love that post. I also love the cute section about nice things members of your family have been caught doing. What are great way to show gratitude!

Deon said...

Thank you!!! I couldn't agree more. If I got a quarter for everytime I was asked those questions, I would be rich. Especially the "you're done having kids now, right?" question. Or in a slight more polite way, "are you planning on having any more after this?" It's one thing to get asked those things over and over again by people you know, but complete strangers. Honestly! Sorry, you can tell that this is a pet peve of mine. It's bringing back memories. Hang in there!

Witty said...

Too funny...when I teach kids how to have socially acceptable behavior, I'll be sure to put those comments at the top of the BIG NO list.

tenacious d said...

It is funny how people think that they have carte blanche to say whatever they want to pregnant women. I think that I would hate the inappropriate touching of the belly that seems to accompany these questions.

Prairie Smoke said...

People are so weird about pregnant women. I had a Lamaze teacher who said a man came up and touched her pregnant belly. Yuck!!! That man would have been picking himself up off the floor if it had been me. Some people have trouble distinguishing between belly and baby.
Another time I was runnning an errand for a friend at Norwest Bank. My friend must have told the bank employee I was pregnant. I went to the employee's office. The employee came towards me and with the voice inflection and attitude of a best buddy said, "Hi Chubby!" It was all I could do not to smack her.
And, towards the end of a pregnancy, isn't it irritating to be asked over and over, "Are you still here?" I always want to say, "Heavens no! You are looking at a hologram emanating from the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise."
And, with Evan people would constantly ask me, "Do you want a boy?" The answer was yes, but if I had a girl, I still wanted it.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I give you my permission to deck the next stranger who sets you off. Really, no one could charge a pregnant woman for assault. I think pregnancy qualifies as a form of temporary insanity anyways.