Sunday, February 01, 2009

Growing Up

Pippi hasn't made an appearance on the blog, lately, but there are some things you need to know about this most spectacular kiddo.

--She loves music. It rejuvenates her when she's tired and helps her feel happy when she's sad.
--She's smart. She observes things around her. She doesn't take everything she reads for granted. --She knows how to express her feelings with words. For example, "Mom, talking to me in that tone of voice isn't helpful. I am doing the best I can."
--She learns by example. So you can thank me for all of her good qualities, and her bad. ;-)
--She loves her sister and helps immensely as a bodyguard, photographer, and in general extra pair of hands around the kitchen.
--She loves to play. Most of her learning is still done through play, so it's very hard to make her sit and do homework.
--She needs her space. (Don't we all!!!)
--She's very excited to be baptized this year. She was so excited when she came home from the "Great to be Eight" event last Sunday. And the excitement is still there a week later.
--She loves her stuff. Her room is filled with things she has made, and she loves every one of them. I tried to bribe her with a big reward for filling a garbage bag for of stuff to give or throw away, but every object I see as junk she sees as a project waiting to happen.
--She's an incredible helper. Saturday morning Bardo woke up very early the Warlock and I groaned as we rolled over in bed, but then we heard Pippi's sweet voice say, "Come on Bardo, let's read a book." We were SO grateful.


Natalie said...

Pippi is so great! I love that I have known her almost her whole life. I saw some of her first steps! She is such a wonderful mixture of being spunky, sweet and smart.

Prairie Smoke said...

Pippi is right. A seven-year-old shouldn't have to spend seven hours in school and then come home and do homework. What are they doing with the seve hours in school for Pete's sake? And, I DO NOT CARE what students, schools, or parents do in Japan.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous to have so much homework after being in school all day.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I can't believe she is almost 8! I have developed quite a love for your children, primarily through your writing. I wish we were closer and could witness all the great things that they do. June loves to be under the wing of an older girl. Pippi would be perfect.

Lisa said...

She is such a cool girl. I like Pippi! I will never will forget the summer she would run around and be "fast like Dash." She is so much fun!

Prudence said...

I can't wait for the day that my girl can to read to the others kids!

Jess said...

Pippi is one of my favorite people. I must be losing track of time, because I can't believe she is turning 8 this year! Wow!

Witty said...

What a great family you have! Thanks for sharing them with me :)