Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creative Laundry Solutions of the Week

Apparently Pippi still hasn't put together the "logic" of bringing her laundry to me on the weekends to be done. Or maybe she's making fun of me. I guess I'll never know

"Mom," Pippi says, "Hunter and I are ready for a walk." And so we went.
Can I just keep her like this forever? She is SO much fun.


Witty said...

Wow, Pippi and her girl cousins REALLY need to get together and have a fashion show.

Christine said...

That cute girl! Blue is definately her color!

Prairie Smoke said...

She is an awful lot of fun. She probably won't put together bringing the laundry down until she is eight and begins to think more like an adult. Hard to see eight come, isn't it?