Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Natural Running

So, as part of my diet, I've been running a lot.  Today was my longest run in 10 years.  

It would have been a bit longer except that my nipples were chafed to death.  Apparently this is a very common problem.

I think I have found a solution.  

Warning:  This post has been approved (and laughed at) by the Silly Witch.  However, the Silly Witch and I would like to recommend that, if you are the sort of person who is offended by buttocks and the like (as we are not), you probably don't want to click on the link.   You know who you are.  


Amberly said...

that is a seriously hilarious photo. and impressive. I might join if my buns would look like that when I was done!

dent has found that glide works well with the nips issue.. and any other chaffing you might experience.

Montana Wilkins said...

Eeeeeew. Gross. I could only watch about half of that. Funny, but yucky just the same. I liked your comment about the re-emergence of your neck on an earlier post and mentioned it to my husband. I'm sure you're inspiring us to work out. We'll get right on that...another day. :o)

Prudence said...

My hubby is VERY familiar with chaffing! His solutions are to avoid cotton and to use bandaids!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Do you guys watch the office? Did you see the one when they ran for the cure for rabies and Andy's nipples were bleeding? It was one of my favorites! By the way, I would totally join those nudie patooties if I looked that good naked! Good luck with your future flashing of the neighborhood!

Melissa said...

Little, round bandaids seem to be a good solution in my husband's experience. The naked running would be good, too - just be sure to wear adequate amounts of sunscreen!

Pete said...

Nice work running Nick. I like your Facebook updates with times and speed. You're looking good.