Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Bardo, my son, my sunshine,

We had quite the day today didn't we? First thing in the morning you were bustled without breakfast into the car for the Young Women's Memorial Day Fundraiser Breakfast. You picked out your own clothes and were very careful to put your Cars underwear on backwards. You have your own ways, and I just think you are adorable.

Once we got to the breakfast, Dad and I had lots of work to do, and somehow, we got so caught up with all the cooking that we took minimal care of you. Dad thought I was watching you and I thought he was watching you, but really, you were taking care of yourself. You took yourself to the bathroom, and you were so happy with this accomplishment that you came into the kitchen and told me. You got your hug and then went on your merry way.

Everyone got in line after the flag ceremony to get food. All the other moms and dads were taking care of their little boys and girls and filling their plates. When I came into the room to help the pancake flippers I caught you with a pair of tongs full of fruit in one hand and a plate with a pancake on it in the other hand. I quickly helped you get the fruit onto the plate, and tried to get you to sit with a friend, but there was so much for you to see! You crammed the watermelon into your mouth, left your plate on the table and skipped over to see what some other friends were doing with your pancake in your hand. I got distracted and had to get back to the kitchen.

I checked on you a few more times. You were just running and playing around with friends, but then, as I was helping shut down some pancake griddles, I saw you with 2 greasy hands and a full mouth, in front of the bacon tray. One of your adult friends was trying to help you fetch that last piece of bacon. As you completed your mission (of finishing off the bacon) I quickly led you into the bathroom, lathered you up with soap and rinsed those greasy hands. You were very specific about wanting to pull your own paper towel out of the dispenser. I kept you with me for awhile, but then you wanted to go play with friends again. I suppose watching me clean is a little boring.

After awhile, I was scrubbing dried pancake batter off of table clothes, and Dad got a call from a friend saying that you were outside responding to "nature's call." Dad quickly left to search for his little "pee-er." We lost you for at least a full five minutes. It was very scary. Dad found you in the car. Evidence shows you were using some of the wipes we keep in there to clean your hands.

Unfortunately, I still had work to do, so Pippi became your primary caregiver. She does a great job, and you love being with her. So I cleaned, loaded up the car, and I helped take care of some big kids, and you were left to your own devices. Dad and I have resolved to handle things a little better in the future while we're trying to help at church activities. And I hope you enjoyed it because you won't be eating bacon by the handful again. I've decided you have a lot to learn before your ready to go off on your own. Thank goodness, because I simply am not ready to let you go yet.

What would I do without my boy who tells me several times a day that he believes I'm a princess and in the same breath tells me he believes in Jesus. I might forget the names of all the Cars characters if I don't have you to remind me. And who will put Daddy in his place with a sweet rendition of Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me, when Daddy gets a little too bossy? Also, you are the most sensitive of my feelings of all my friends and family. You always want to know if I'm sad or happy. I appreciate your concern. We need you little buddy. You are so important to our family.

Love always and forever,



Amberly said...

absolutely beautiful. makes me wish I knew him better.

Lisa said...

You made me cry! What a sweet boy. I love how much little boys love their moms.

Prairie Smoke said...

Gosh. It sounds like it is not safe or practical to have both of your working at the same activity.

Tiffany W. said...

Too cute!! I felt like i was acutally there and following him around the church. You have a great writing style! What a fun little guy you have! :)

Jess said...

What a sweet letter--and a great way to remember Bardo at 3 when he's older.

Deanna said...

Ha ha I found you! He is so sweet! I hope my babies call me a princess!