Monday, May 18, 2009

Diet and Exercise - Part III

Parts I and II below. Read them first. Or not.

Here's how I implemented the rules. First, I got a bunch of the "weight loss" shakes at Costco. I have one for breakfast every morning still. Why those? Well, they have about the same amount of calories as a bowl of cereal with milk, but better nutrients. Also, I needed some way to make sure I followed the rule I didn't tell you about, which is "don't skip meals." Ever. Including Fast Sunday.

For the first couple of weeks, I had a weight loss shake for breakfast, one for lunch augmented by some fruit, and then small portions of whatever was for dinner. I didn't eat any sauces or dressings (although I have grown to love straight vinegar). I was eating 1700 or so a day. I was also was always hungry. Really hungry.

As time went on, I allowed more foods back into my diet, and I replaced the shake at lunch with a Subway sandwich (6" Subway club on wheat, no cheese, all the veggies except olives, vinegar only, 340ish calories; I later added back the cheese to ensure I was getting enough calcium).

I found good stack foods too. Flavored rice cakes (the carmel ones) are 50 cals a piece, and tasty. Jerky is high protein, low cal, and tasty. I drink diet soda, which satisfies my sugar cravings. Diet Coke and Diet A&W are the best.

After a while, I started going out to restaurants with friends again. I had enough practice saying, "no thank you" to things that it was a logical next step.

I have "cheated" exactly four times - but I had planned those times in advance so I don't consider them cheating. I had half a scoop of ice cream at the party after Noel's blessing. I had some fajitas and some ice cream on my anniversary date with the Witch. I planned to take Easter off and did so for 24 hours. When I went camping in the desert two weeks ago, I didn't pay any attention (that is, I ate when I was hungry) to what I ate because I figured the middle of nowhere was not a good place to be playing around with nutrition.

Other than that, no lapses.

On the exercise front, I started out slow so as not to injure myself. I added some running into my basketball and football. At first I could only run about a mile and half a couple of times a week. Most of that was because my knees didn't like hauling me around. Now I am running a bunch, as anybody who sees my facebook page can attest.

I've averaged something like 2.5 pounds a week in loss. I also consulted a doctor to make sure that I wasn't doing anything stupid.

So that's how I did it. I have used the past tense because I am already to my original goal of 195. I realized along the way that I could (and should) go about 10 pounds farther than that, so I reset my goal along the way. Give me four weeks or so and I'll have the pics.


Jim said...

Awesome determination, awesome results!

Your choice of foods is very different from my diet, which is mostly raw, fresh, and vegetarian,

When I stick with it, anyway.

But, hey, you're getting better results than I am, so what you're doing is working for you, and that's what's important.

Congratulations on your success!

Anna said...

I'm seriously so impressed with you right now! Very nice job!

Amberly said...

it's a good plan- and it's working, I'm anxious for pics. I think the hardest part is sticking with it0 the no cheating, consistent exercise and such. good work, and thanks for the details.

tenacious d said...

That is so impressive! You've done things quite logically and reasonably.

Weight Watchers is fairly similar, except you are encouraged to eat lots of vegetables, because they're filling. You can eat a big, big salad and not feel like you need so much of everything else. And vegetables are good for you.

Deon said...

Good Job!!! Keep up the good work!

Jess said...

Wow, good for you! I recently started running again too and I really quite enjoy it, even though I'm super slow.