Saturday, June 13, 2009


Pippi and I have been having great conversations lately. Seriously. We've discussed milk, birds, insecticides, leg shaving, writing skills, math, poetry, music, just to name a few topics. I love everything about this kid, but her perspective is amazing. Here's a brief conversation we had at dinner.

Pippi: "May I have more milk please?"

Me: "Of course. You sure have been drinking a lot of milk lately!"

Pippi: "I love it. It fills me up, and I don't even have to eat."

Me (shocked, but feeling like I just watched a commercial): "You don't like to eat?"

Pippi: "I like to eat, but my tooth, it hurts."

Me: "Oooooo I hope you aren't getting a cavity."

Pippi: "No Mom, look, my tooth is loose. AND my gums hurt. I think I'm getting my twelve-year molars."

Sidenote: (I think it's so odd that Noel and Pippi are "teething" at the same time.)


Witty said...

I just love how mature Pippi is. She's seven going on twelve!

Natalie said...

Pippi is a cutie. You have a bunch of great posts lately--so I'll just comment on the newest one. Way to go! Pink hair, earring collection, weight loss, swim meets. . . you guys have been busy! Talk to you soon!

Lisa said...

That is incredibly perceptive of her to notice that milk fills her up. She is amazing!

RaeAnn said...

What a nice surprise that you found me and commented on my blog so that I could find you! I read through Stacy's blog and share my deepest sympathies for you and your family. Tomorrow will be her birthday. We still don't know how to celebrate those days. Stupid cancer. The trick for me has been to find the silver linings and blessings, which it sounds like you have a great ability to do. Oh, and I still remember when you sang "No Other Name" in Sacrament meeting way back in the day. My grandparents were visiting and they said your song was worth the whole trip. Never mind that I sang that day too!!! Hope you are still sharing your many talents!

Prairie Smoke said...

I wish I could ghave been their for the leg-shaving discussion. I can always use tips.