Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Father's Day Post

I have always hated Father's Day.

Actually, I have not hated Father's Day so much as I have hated church on Father's Day. Church on Father's Day always involves two things:

1. Primary children singing to fathers. I think this is because the Mothers of the church somehow think that the Fathers would like to see the Children sing, when really the Fathers would like the Mothers to stay out of it and not assume the Fathers want anything more than a cold drink at a random time during the day from the Children.

2. Talks about the speakers' fathers. Inevitably these turn out to be whitewashed affairs in which said fathers are White Knights in Shining Armor of God without defect or blemish to be seen, depsite the high probability that said fathers beat the speakers as children. Or at least were addicted to Diet Coke and were cranky on Saturday morning.

Others may feel differently, but I don't particularly care for my children singing as part of a faceless flash mob, and I can do without another revisionist tribute to Superdad. I would rather we ignore the day altogether and just have a normal church with normal lessons and talks about the Gospel and such.

So today we did something different. I went to my early church meetings and we all met up for Sacrament Meeting. And then we split, right after the sacrament. The Witch and the kids hopped in the car and followed me (on the motorcycle) all the way down to Galveston by back roads. We ate lunch and then felt bad for not eating at a grubbier place down the way. We drove along the seashore. We had a wardrobe malfunction. We let Noel eat crayons. I got an awesome farmer's tan (burn, really). We came back several hours later after 150 miles of driving/riding.

Best. Father's. Day. Ever. I had plenty of time to reflect on the kind of dad I am and how I can be better. I thought about Stacy a lot today and all of the things I learned from her, especially that I have to learn to forgive myself for all the mistakes I've made and have no way to undo. And I got to spend a lot of time with my wife and kids and generally just enjoy being a dad for a day.

So a big thank you to the Witch and the kids for coming and having a good time. Also for knocking the ball out of the park with the other gift they gave me.

I'd also be amiss if I didn't wish my own Dad a happy Father's Day. Dad, I'm not naive enought to think you got it right all the time, but I am smart enough to know you tried your best - at considerable sacrifice to yourself - and that's all anybody can ask. And whatever failings you may have had as a father are more than compensated for by your excellent work as a grandfather. Here's hoping the weather lets you and Buster have the same kind of day I did.


The Silly Witch said...

No one's commented yet.

I suppose loving Father's Day is just a matter of one's attitude. My Dad loved listening to us sing to him when we were little. I don't think I would have grown up with the love I have for primary songs, and singing in general, without my Dad. And oh how I loved patting his cheek and blowing him that kiss at the end of our traditional song. I think I liked to sing that song every day when I was Bardo's age. I'd teach it to him, but now that I know you don't like that kind of thing, I'll teach him I'm so glad when Mommy comes home. He'll make my heart melt.

Soften up big guy.

Witty said...

I'm glad you had just the perfect kind of Father's Day for you. That's what every good Dad deserves!

Jess said...

I hate both Mothers and Fathers day. The expectations are artificial and someone inevitably ends up disappointed. And the Church talks are usually bad too. I had to speak on Mothers day a few years back and despised it, because you really can't do it well.

But I'm glad you had a day that you enjoyed!

Montana Wilkins said...

I probably haven't officially met you, but since I know and love all the Prices, here's my comment anyway.
I've heard of plenty of women who hate Mother's Day because it makes them feel inadequate, but this is the first time I've ever heard a dad say he hated Father's Day. Interesting comments.
I love that Maren wants your son to sing about Mommy coming home. That's great!
I guess I always just overlook all the perfect parent comments and try to focus on celebrating the moms and dads in my life. I don't hate Mother's Day because I spend too much time feeling like I'm not doing a good enough job as a mom so many other days of the year that I love having at least one day to pat myself on the back! :o)