Monday, June 08, 2009

Tender is the Loin

After months of watching Good Eats without feeling free to eat fatty and delicious foods, the Warlock purchased his ultra expensive cow muscle at Costco. He bought some gorgonzola and a bottle of cooking wine. He made this delicious celebratory feast. And it was perfection. I'll let him post his recipes. My only part in this was the growing of the basil--and the doing of the dishes.


Witty said...

Wow, That looks delicious! Bon appetite!

The Warlock said...

It was cognac, not wine (and certainly not cooking - never cook with something you wouldn't something like that)! And the recipe is secret, at least for the sauce, which is of my own invention.

The rest of it was pretty mainstream, at least to the extent that thinly sliced raw beef is mainstream.

Lisa said...

yummy! What a tasty reward!