Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Old Lady

In the past, I would hesitate to call anyone "old" out loud, but with the Warlock's Baba I feel like I can for she introduces herself as "The Old Lady." She says it not in a self-deprecating way, but as reality. And old is beautiful on her. I like her ways and was glad to have her in my home for a few days. What a blessing it is to place Noel in Baba's arms, to hear Bardo talk about her, to see Pippi and Baba together working on a puzzle, to have her help me with my house work, and after she returned home, to hear her voice on my machine telling me to give Pippi a kiss for her.


Witty said...

Noel is sooo cute! She's definitely her own person now isn't she? That open-mouthed "oh" expression is so precious.

Christine said...

What a precious picture! We never outgrow the need for our grandmothers. What a special weekend for your family.