Sunday, September 13, 2009

Written All Over My Face

Don't you love it when the worst parts of your week are written all over your face? (Hear dripping sarcasm.) Well, that's what happens when you get stitches on your chin. And it's even worse when the baby who is attached to your hip has to get stitches, too! People automatically write a story in their heads, and then they come to you to confirm. "What happened?" "Did you get in a car accident?" "Has the Warlock been practicing some UFC moves on you?"

Oh no no no no. I just tripped over the laundry and hit my chin on my bed. And Noel? It was the bath tub. Enough said.

But I want to tell you about the BEST parts of my week:

-refrigerator lock reinstatement+pantry lock+carpet cleaners=cleanish house=happy witchie

-Bardo's cute sayings are increasing daily. I wish I could record every single one of them. My boy brings me so much joy. He tells me he'll stay three forever just for me, but I know he's just saying that to please me. I'm so happy to have him.

-Noel's babbling--Pippi calls it singing, and I think she's right. It's music to my ears.

-the look on Pippi's face when the Warlock invited her to accompany him to New Orleans for a football game (The Warlock's thoughtful invitations make me feel that way, too.)

-chasing Bardo at the beach on Labor Day

-visiting my friend Jess last weekend

My life is good, no matter what the wounds on our faces say...


Lisa said...

The worst part is having to explain the wounds to EVERYONE you have to even brush shoulders with! Good think that you can see the GREAT parts of the week!

tenacious d said...

Oh, gosh! You poor things! I'm glad that you had plenty of good things in the week to (sort-of) counterbalance the bad.

citymama1 said...

Ouch on the wounds! I'm glad the rest of your week went well. I just love toddler boys!

Jess said...

Wow, you've been busy in the last 7 days! Hope the stitches heal fast, so you don't have to keep explaining to strangers.

Witty said...

Oh my dear sister!

Prairie Smoke said...

Wouldn't i be nice if you could just wear a sign that explained what happened? I hate it when you hear the same witty commentover and over and peole expect you to be amused because they think they are the first one to say it.

Anonymous said...

You need an old grandmother to care for you! I just knew it!