Sunday, September 20, 2009

A year of cuteness

Funny funny Bardo...

"These toilets don't flush themselves. They need new batteries."

"Make eggs for dinner. Pleeeeeease. Please with cheese on top."

"Mommy, you're a sweetheart."

With a giggle, "Mommy, your belly is overflowing!"

Me: "Bardo, should we keep Noel?"
Bardo: "We should keep her warm."

"If I crack my head open, they will stitch me up."

"I'm not going to poop in my diaper. I don't do that anymore." (Yes!!!!)

"Will you read me a story. Look! I found the first page!"

Me (at bedtime): "Do you want me to sing you a song?"
Bardo: "No! Go away."

"The ice came falling down from the sky to get me." (after his first hail storm)

Me: "I love you."
Bardo: "Yes, because I'm SO special."

5/28/2009- As Bardo was cutting a piece of paper with scissors he says, "I'm not cutting the couch. Are you happy?"

5/29/2009- "I wish I didn't need you." Sometimes I forget how frustrating it must be to be a kid and have to ask for help with everything.

7/26/2009- "You're a princess, but Merlin changed you into a moose."

8/2009- "No ice cream for you tonight!" Ah yes. The ultimate punishment...just short of execution, anyway.


Tiffany W. said...

I love the funny comments kids make! I think they are best! That is a smart way to record them. I need to start writing mine down. Every once in awhile i will post a funny conversation we have, but I wish I did more of those great one liners! :)

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I really wish you guys would come up and visit! We are planning a trip to Sea World in San Antonio the week after Christmas. Do you guys live anywhere close to there?

Melissa said...

I needed a good laugh... so funny!!

Natalie said...

He's going to love reading this when he gets older! So cute!

Prairie Smoke said...

He is so much fun. I wouldn't have missed out on him for anything.