Monday, November 02, 2009

Accepting the Challenge--Grateful November

November 1st--

1. I am grateful for incredible weather.
2. I am grateful for Pippi, who is so incredible and just makes me want to be better every day.
3. I am grateful for First Choice Emergency care who had the Warlock in/out in 30 minutes and took good care of him so he didn't die of dehydration in the middle of the night.
4. I am grateful for Noel, for being such a good baby while my kind friend Penny took care of her so I could substitute in Primary, at the piano.
5. I am grateful for Penny and Amber and anyone else at church who took a turn with Noel. It's so wonderful to have a church family to which I can trust one of my greatest treasures.

November 2nd--Today

1. I am grateful for Deussen park. I love that almost nobody uses it during the week so that Bardo, Hunter, and I can have the run of the park without worrying about Hunter bothering anyone. I like how they have sand for Bardo to play in and swings that go almost high enough to satisfy Bardo. And I like thinking of the time we walked there with my mom-in-law and we discovered a friendly katydid that wanted to crawl all over our shoes producing giggles from both Bardo and Pippi.
2. I'm grateful the Warlock's feeling better today.
3. I'm grateful for Noel and her sweet disposition.
4. I'm grateful that Bardo's honest and openly shares his feelings with me. He's so good at giving me both positive ("I love you.") and negative ("Your mean!!") feedback.
5. I am thankful for the bright morning that came with the time change. The children were much much easier to pull out of bed this morning.


Jess said...

What happened to the warlock?

Lisa said...

It is amazing all one has to be thankful of, if you just take a minute to think!

The Warlock said...

I had the Sunday Flu of Death and Despair. Not the pig sickness, apparently, but still the sickest I've ever been. Lost 8 pounds in 12 hours.

Amberly said...

I'm so glad you're doing this. I love the peeks I can sneak into your world. I have always recoiled at the thought of having a dog in the house, it's hair issues... but the thought of one taking care of all the crumbs... well, that's something to seriously consider!!

Prairie Smoke said...

I am ghlad the Warlock is O.K. What a nasty bug!