Friday, November 06, 2009

Grateful-Day 6

1. I'm grateful Noel isn't terribly cranky about her front top teeth trying to burst through her gums.

2. I'm grateful that I had a few years to observe others before having my boy. I would think that I was a terrible mother if I hadn't seen friends struggle with their three-year-old boys before I had my own.

3. I'm grateful for a healthy new baby nephew.

4. I'm grateful for my good in-laws.

5. I'm grateful for my piano.


Deanna said...

Thanks for your comment today. I left you another comment on my blog in response. But I just wanted to stop by your blog and tell you how much I enjoy reading about you and your kids. I know we didn't really know each other too well in nyc but through your blog I feel like we have gotten to know each other better. You are amazing mom. I learn a lot from you. Love your parenting style and your devotion to your family.

Prairie Smoke said...

The new nephew is awfully cute. I am grateful for him too.