Monday, November 09, 2009

Grateful--Day 9

1. Patience--I actually had it today. yay
2. Window blinds--we lived for a year in the house without them in our living areas. now we've had them for awhile, and privacy is good.
3. funny kids--Pippi decided to spend some of her allowance money on a pink scotch tape dispenser. I think I would have chosen candy at that age, but whatever. Bardo spent the whole of family home evening jumping on the couch. Noel, when everyone was done praying, burst out a cheery bouncy "amen" of her own. She seemed pleased with herself and her big girl abilities.
4. Pippi making music. She has almost every song in her head that she's learned on the piano. She's a marvel.
5. The Warlock and his skilz. He's a great teacher. Did you know that? He can teach a gospel message readily, appropriately, easily with little prep. Amazing. This week's FHE was about baptism, complete with practice. Pippi was concerned about her hair floating up and sticking out of the water--a valid concern with her crazy hair.


Anna said...

it's been good for me to read your gratitude posts...thank you for helping me see the good in my day!

Prairie Smoke said...

When I asked Pippi when she was getting basptized she didn't seem sure. It was this week? How neat.