Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laundry in the outdoor dog water, shattered pickle jars, lipstick, baking cookies, and Pippi's wish list

I am grateful for my kids and the stories they create by being themselves

-Laundry in the dog water: Bardo likes to strip all of his clothes off whenever he gets the slightest bit wet. One day I found him in the backyard nude. I didn't see his clothes anywhere. I hurried him back in, put clothes on him, forgot to go back and look for his clothes because...of something...I'm sure it was really important. Later I found his clothes in the dog water. Bardo explained, "My clothes were dirty so I was washing them."

-Shattered pickle jars and honest, fearless confessions

-Baking Cookies--Bardo still loves helping in the kitchen. When getting ready to bake cookies I pulled the ingredients we'd need from the cupboard and put them on the counter. When I pulled out the vanilla, Bardo asked, "Is that the alcohol?"

-Lipstick-Today I sent Pippi into the house to brush her hair. After waiting awhile I ran back into the house to find her putting on my lipstick--with messy hair.

-Pippi's Wishlist:

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Tiffany W. said...

hahaaha! I love Pippy's wish list. My favorite was that she wants a fan for her room... how practical! Accept for maybe the fact that it is almost December! ;)