Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bridgefest 2010

With all the Marathon excitement Pippi took things into her own hands and found a race for herself. She's not fond of running around an asphalt track, so when she found out she could race across a bridge and be exempt from several days of track running at school she jumped at the chance. She started training shortly after the Warlock's marathon. She had a blast running around the street we live on. One time I even had to call her in from the dark.

When I signed her up for the race I noticed they had 1/2 mile race for the 3 to 6 year-olds, so I signed Bardo up, too. Race day arrived Saturday, and as Bardo and I lined up for his race I expected to see a little more excitement than this:
Seconds before the race began, Bardo tugged on my coat saying in his soft voice, "I need to go potty." So I rushed him in and back out onto the track. They let him run the race even though some of the kids were already half done. But we had a great time.
After the race, Bardo was thrilled to find bagels near the finish line.
The Warlock prepared Pippi for her race.
Their start was without incident. At one point in the race Pippi turned to the Warlock and told him that she felt like she was going to throw up. He replied that sometimes he felt like that to, and if she threw up it would be okay. So Pippi kept running and finished the Bridgefest 5k--without throwing up.
And Noel?She's a trooper. That's all.

Oh, and the highlight of the morning?


Deon said...

That's awesome! Tell the kids great job! My kids did a children's triathalon last year and can't wait to do it again. I need to look at getting them into more races like this.

Tiffany W. said...

Shoot! I didn't realize that race already happened! Connor did the half mile last year. And I was hoping to sign him up for the mile this year... and do the the 5k myself! Oh well, there is always nexy year, I guess. :) Can't believe Pippi did a whole 5k, impressive! I might have thrown up.

Sheralie said...

Seeing your stroller makes me really happy. That race looks so fun! There is also a children's race with the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving that Tamany's boys have done.

Prairie Smoke said...

The kids looked like they had a great time! I'm glad Pippi got to see some horses. I used to love horses at her age. And my mother loved how horses smelled. And her mother loved horses too. Is it just a girl thing, or is it our family?

tenacious d said...

Yay Team B Family! What a fun thing to do together.

Witty said...

That fantastic! Way to go Pippi and Bardo!!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I really can't believe Pippi did a 5k. Well, maybe I can. If I had half the energy I had when I was that age, I wouldn't want to cry while running a 5k. What a fun family activity!

Lisa said...

Fun! I bet the weather was perfect!