Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today we went to Old MacDonalds Farm. Halfway through our excursion, after the children had gone on pony rides, fed the sheep, and played on the sand pile and before Pippi rode the choo choo, played on the fort, and fed the bunnies I went out to the car to find the passenger side sliding door wide open. Now I thought I'd forgotten my camera in the car and thus was devastated to find that it was nowhere to be found, in the car. Pippi was devastated as well. "Mom, that was a present. Dad paid a lot of money for your camera. You know, I saw a sign when we drove into the parking lot. It said that we should not leave valuables in the car. So I covered this up." She unveils this:
It's her beloved conch shell that she received from a friend yesterday.

Oh and I didn't forget the camera in the car. I forgot it on the kitchen counter. If you are going to be a space case it is very very important to be a TOTAL space case.


Sheralie said...

Ah we all do things like that. But that is my favorite all time photo of Rebecca! I would frame it and put it in her bedroom, so she can remember how beautiful she is. Love that girl.

Deanna said...

Oh my goodness, I hope it was accidentally left open instead of someone breaking in...glad you were a total space case that day. I can completely relate.

Witty said...

Absolutely...I leave my lunch on the counter at least once a week at least my car doesn't stink!