Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Boys can play dress up too!

As I announced some months ago, I signed myself up for the Walt Disney World Marathon next January.

Like most marathons (and even more so in this case), costumes are encouraged.

I am now taking suggestions for an appropriately Disney-themed costume. A few requirements:

1. I have to be able to run 26.2 miles in it. The Witch has volunteered to help me make it out of appropriate fabric.

2. I don't mind going with something bizarre or even cross-gender if it's funny enough - heaven knows I won't be the only person - but remember I have to run in this thing.

Those are the requirements. So far, the only two things I can come up with are Peter Pan and Mr. Incredible. I like the Peter Pan idea - green tunic, green running tights. If we make the tunic ourselves, we can even sew tiny pockets into it to hold all of my gels.


Lisa said...

A princess dress may leave lots of room for movement and plenty of pocket space! :) How about Gaston?

Prairie Smoke said...

I vote for Evinrude from the Rescuers

Preston said...

My vote is Tarzan or mogli or Mulan and last but not to be forgotten is Cruella Deville.Have Fun!

Prairie Smoke said...

Another idea: The
Absent Minded Professor. Do you have a bow tie?

Witty said...

I vote for Aladdin. He has awesome pants....or maybe Abu. He's pretty cool, too.