Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harry Potter Books

I think we've clearly established that Pippi is crazy about Harry Potter. If you think that all kids must adore Harry Potter than you would be wrong. In fact, it seems that for awhile there was a schism in Pippi's third grade classroom, the Harry Potter lovers vs. the Harry Potter haters. Oh the drama... Daily Pippi would come home with sad stories of this war, feeling very emotional over it.

One girl felt that she must make it clear to Pippi that she would not associate with a Harry Potter lover and might go to extreme measures if she continued being exposed to high doses of Harry Potter books. One day as they were getting ready to go out to recess the aforementioned girl overheard Pippi asking her teacher if she could take a book outside. The girl snidely remarked, "If it's a Harry Potter book, I'm going to have to rip my head off." Pippi, who just days earlier, was getting upset over the sad divide separating her class, came home proud of herself for not getting ruffled and replying, "Well, I guess your gonna have to rip your head off because it is a Harry Potter book."

The next Monday, Pippi stuffed 3 Harry Potter books into her backpack. I asked her how she was going to read 3 Harry Potter books. "Oh I'm just bringing 3 books to bug Autumn." That day, Pippi's teacher switched the seating arrangement, putting Autumn and Pippi right next to each other. According to Pippi, Autumn told her that if even one corner of one book touched her desk she was going to take the book away. Of course, during the day, a corner slid over the boundary line and Pippi's book was confiscated by Autumn. "Mom," she tearfully related when she got home, "I had to promise that I wouldn't bring Harry Potter books to school ever again in order to get my book back."

"She's not your boss. She was being mean. I don't think you should let her control you," I advised.

"You mean I can bring Harry Potter books to school still?"

"Sure. She has NO authority over you. She's gonna get over it. I bet you guys will be good friends in a week."

The next morning Pippi hauled her entire Harry Potter boxed set downstairs, and crammed it into her backpack. "Mom, I might need a separate bag for my lunch and water bottle. I'm gonna get a really good workout biking to school with this on my back."


Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Pippi can bring her Harry Potter addiction to our house any time she likes. I've been a bit worried lately that my kids know more details from old HP than they do from the scriptures. We just can't get enough!

Sheralie said...

This is hilarious. We haven't branched out to Harry Potter yet...sounds like it surpasses Star Wars even.

Witty said...

I love it. Elementary school drama is soooo funny now that I'm not the one experiencing it. :)

Deon said...

I love it! We love Harry Potter in this house!