Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warlock Week-Day 2

The Warlock and I met at a ward activity at BYU when we were both seventeen and 11/12. He thought, "wow she's tall," and I remember being amused by his hukt on fonix shirt. It wasn't love at first sight for us, for sure. He actually quickly became smitten with my Oriental roommate, her lovely smile, and her outgoing personality. In fact all the guys were quickly smitten with my roommate, so the Warlock, a week into the school year hastily asked her to Homecoming. He needed me to help him since part of his elaborate asking routine required that he leave something in our room. The details of all this are a little foggy. I just remember my roommate's and my puzzlement over this strange new dating culture.

We really became friends when we hiked the "Y" together a few hours after the Warlock got his wisdom teeth out. Even with a mouth full of gauze he was very amusing. After this I always felt comfortable with him. I saw how he would go the extra mile for his friends (even sacrificing himself, his grades, etc.), and I loved being counted among them.

(to be continued...)


Jess said...

I've known you guys for, what, 8 years now and I've never heard this story? Can't wait for the next part!

Witty said...

I love it. It's so fun to hear about how your relationship evolved.