Sunday, April 11, 2010

When My Sister Comes to Town...

My kitchen is clean before I'm done putting my children to bed. My kids are happier because they get more than enough attention.I feel more at ease because I'm not the lone adult. I have someone to take pictures of me.
I venture out of the suburbs to the middle of the city where there are enriching and interesting museums. Pippi in front of an animatronic spider

"Boo" playing at the butterfly exhibit

Bardo learning about how mandibles chip away at wood by playing with a hammer

a big wet ball of granite that rolls

Dear Sister--Thanks for visiting it us. It was good getting to know you all over again. We miss you.


Lisa said...

Great pictures! Aren't sisters great!?

Witty said...

I miss and love you too!

Sheralie said...

Happy day seeing more photos of you :) and one of my favorite museums. I am glad you made it to the city with your sister!

Irishtsunami said...

i can really get behind the kitchen clean, kids getting more attention comment, my mom is here visiting and it is like having my clone in the house :)