Sunday, July 11, 2010


Friday, I loaded my van with the kids and the dog and all our necessities, kissed the Warlock goodbye and started driving northward.

Am I crazy? Well, I feel a little crazy. I've never gone on a road trip by myself with the kids before. I've never travelled for longer than a couple of hours with the dog before this trip.

Right now I'm in an old pet-friendly inn in the middle of Wyoming. Whenever the Warlock plans road-trips, we stay at The Hampton Inn. Pet-friendly hotels are in a totally different category. They are dirtier and older and just more uncomfortable in general, but with really friendly people. This morning one of the guests made a point to thank the hotel staff for her hot waffle and juice, even saying it was "really good.". Personally, I was wishing for a banana. Her gratitude humbled me.

Everyone compliments me on my beautiful dog. I think my kids are cuter, but the dog doesn't look as disheveled after riding for hours in a car. His fur always lays just right.

I've stopped no fewer than five times during the last 3 days on the shoulder of the highway for Bardo to pee, one time right in front of a state trooper. I think Bardo likes peeing outside better than using the gas station restrooms. The last time we pulled over I didn't even get out to help him. He knows the drill, and maneuvers very efficiently.

Bardo's been telling me this trip that he wants to be a farmer. He keeps saying things like, " I'll burn my weeds when I'm a farmer." or "I'll grow plants when I'm a farmer." Pippi says she's going to grow vegetables in Montana when she's a farmer.

Pippi is by far my most emotional traveler. She's either eager to help or so tired that, ahem, she doesn't want to do anything. Sleep is essential to this girl's happiness.

All the kids love to collect rocks at our stops. Pippi keeps finding heart-shaped rocks to gift me with. Boo just likes to feel the small rocks run through her fingers. Bardo wants to kick the rocks.

Boo is a trooper. As long as she's got a baby doll in one hand, a blankie in the other, her pigtails out, and her shoes off, she's ready to go. When she gets out of the car she hits the ground running. Her running form is so funny. She runs like she's running on a crooked line, her arms flailing out, and her hips rotating with the arm motion.

The kids are watching tons of movies in the back. It keeps the peace. I keep the sound on for me to listen to, as well. It makes me feel more like we're spending time together. Boo's watching, too. She thinks Monsters, Inc. is hilarious. Once, at a rest area, when I was holding her and washing my hands at the same time, she boosted herself so her head was peeking over the stall, and said, "Boo!". Someone was in there... Hopefully they have a sense of humor.

My car is a wreck. I can't wait to vacuum it.

I have one more day. Tomorrow, when Bardo wakes up and asks me if we're going to Montana this day, I'll be able to say yes. Whew.

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Montana Wilkins said...

I assume this will be a long trip then? I'll get to see you and your cute kids at church next Sunday, right? Every time I walked by your Mom today I happened to be talking to my own little Becky. Great lady for her to share a name with. :o)

You are very, very, very, very brave and amazing to take such a long trip with the kids and without your husband. Someone would have to pay me a LOT of money to ever attempt that! Have a great Montana visit!

The Warlock said...

This is the part where I tell you I told you so. Maybe if you're lucky I'll come up and help you make the return trip.

Sheralie said...

Love your blog's new look. I am impressed at you will power. It will be completely worth it.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

You are brave. I wish I was that brave because my kiddos really want to go home for a visit and I know Kolby can't go. Hope you guys have a great, restful visit.

Deanna said...

I don't think you are crazy cuz I've done something similar - granted it was only one day, not 4, I only had one kid, but she wasn't even a year...hope you have so much fun!

Erin said...

You are a brave woman. Happy and safe travels!!