Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weekend we had a true outdoor our backyard. This past month we one of our trees dried up, so we pulled it down with our bare hands (me), dragged it to the backyard (the Warlock), pulled out the chain saw and chopped it up into the best fire wood ever (the Warlock).

The Warlock set up the tent and started a fire. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, (I ate leftover lentil soup) and put the Pippi and Bardo to bed in the tent. Boo snuggled into her crib. Hunter curled up outside next to the back door, guarding the children. While I'm in the kitchen doing before-bed clean up, I hear Hunter bark his intruder bark. I feel a little scared, but I bravely step outside and ask Hunter what the problem is. In the backyard, sitting fearlessly on the brick wall is a wild animal. He sits unperturbed as my dog barks at him. I stand away from the wall, wondering if I should be concerned about this rat-like creature staring into my yard. After a moment of listening to Hunter's barks, I decide to tell him to go away. I approach the wall carefully, trying to intimidate the creature with my human presence. It doesn't work. So then I throw sticks. The third stick almost hits him and he scurries down the other side of the wall. Hopefully away from my sleeping children and my loud watch dog.

On a random side note, one of the children in our primary class told the Warlock that Bardo had the same face as him today. I agree.


Lisa said...

exactly the same expression in the moment! Love it!

Prudence said...

Love the picture! I wish we took pics of our campout, but it was dark already. The young women lost our tent poles over a year ago, so we didn't set the big tent up (live and learn, always check your tent right away if you lend it out, otherwise you risk not finding out they lost your poles until 15 months later!!!!)
Thankfully we had another 3 person tent. They stuffed the airmattress in it and then blue it up and slept our that night. It was a great time. It's so funny we did it on the same weekend as you!!!

Nancy said...

i also agree. i noted this from the get go. Warlock's face, your coloring. Handsome little fellow.

Prairie Smoke said...

They do have similar expressions. I noticed it this summer.