Thursday, November 11, 2010

1.  I'm grateful for the fact that I can reset...every day.  I wasted a lot of time today, and didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted, too.  Tomorrow I'll be better.
2.  I'm grateful for the telephone.
3.  I'm grateful for poison control.  I called when Bardo was 2 and took a few gulps of latex paint (Why would he do this?  Seriously, he just started chugging it while I was touching up walls.)  I called it when Pippi drank Motrin, also at age 2, and today I called it when Bardo climbed up to the cabinet, pulled down the infant acetaminophen for his 2 year-old little sister who can now quite adeptly handle any cap on any bottle.  I was certain I was going to have to go to the ER tonight, so when my dear friend Poison Control told me the amount she drank was not toxic I almost cried for joy.
4. I'm grateful for good books, for me and the kids.
5.  I'm grateful for you!  And for all the reading you do of this blog, even in November, when I post every single day.  Love you.


Christine said...

Oh, I am so glad Boo is okay! I really enjoy reading all that you are grateful for. We take so many wonderful things for granted. Sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves, and write down all the many blessings in our lives. Thank you for your good example.

Jess said...

The phone call to poison control is such a dreaded rite of parenthood passage. Glad Boo is okay and you didn't have to go to the ER!
PS. Love you too.

Sheralie said...

I am impressed you have only called three times. I enjoy your gratitude and am glad that once again pcc said not to worry!

Witty said...

I'm grateful for you, too! How scary about Boo. I'm glad she's okay, too! I love you.

Alicia said...

Frightening calls to poison control are emotionally draining. I'm thankful you're capable of handling it. :)