Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am grateful for a wise prophet who can show us the way to be happy and for this message: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving. This message is true! When I'm grateful I see more and more for which to be grateful.
I'm grateful for my strong relationship with the Warlock.
I'm grateful for a really good primary chorister who makes singing time so much fun for the children.
I'm grateful for a house to clean and organize and beautify.
I'm grateful for my faith. I'm happy I have it and I appreciate the way it enables me to see things with compassion. I'm also grateful for the stable base faith provides for me as life's storms blow.


Alicia said...

I don't know if you were thankful for me on Sunday when I got the kids all riled up with "Do As I'm Doing". But I'm thankful for teachers like you who work every week to teach their classes and help them be reverent. :) Thanks!

Prairie Smoke said...

I am grateful for electricity and that somebody figured out how to harness it for everyday use.

The Warlock said...

Alicia, we're both thankful for a primary chorister who subscribes to our theory of reverence. We have frequently commented that you are easily the best we've ever seen at your calling (including, dare I say, the Witch, who had it once too, years ago).