Wednesday, January 12, 2011

December (in pictures)

Fun at Home

Temple Square Trip

We left Sunday evening to view the Christmas lights at temple square.  Boo fell asleep in the car and then screamed during a good chunk of the time we were in Temple Square.

Bardo was not happy to be riding in the car again, even to Temple Square for just 45 minutes.

 Fun at Uncle Drey's House

The kids hardly wanted to go anywhere once we got to Drey's house.  Once they met Winston the dog, they did not want to do anything else.  In fact, one day, I had plans to go see my grandmother in Malad, ID.  Pippi was upset because she had plans to play all day with Winston.  Becca was a kind and understanding host, helping us to make ourselves at home.

Boo was tired, but she had a great time.

Bardo embraced the Santa hat look this holiday season.  Festive, yet not overdone.   Maybe that's what we'll have to try for our family photo next year.

Uncle Drey was so fun, letting the kids climb all over him, playing games with them, sawing Bardo a pirate sword and then showing him a tiny bit of candy in his "treasure box."

Bardo loves loves loves to be tickled.
 The Museum of Ancient History

 Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

In the Car

Every time we do this road trip we never ever want to travel by car again.  It's very hard on the children (and us).

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