Monday, April 18, 2011


I like Bardo.  He lives life with such force.  The kid is unstoppable.  He takes after his dad.  I await the day when he discovers a worthy goal and just goes for it.  Last Wednesday Bardo had a goal.  That goal was to get the clippers and take them for a buzz.  He saw his chance when I picked up the phone to call Natalie.  He first went upstairs and removed Boo from her crib.  She was the decoy.  My eyes were occupied with Boo and my ears and mouth were occupied with my phone conversation, so Bardo creeped behind me with the haircutting kit and headed to the powder room downstairs.  Boo ran to the powder room to wash her hands.  I didn't even hear the buzzing as he removed the top layers of Boo's freshly cut bangs, but I caught him in the act of taking a couple of chunks out of his hair.  The clippers didn't even have a guard.  So good bye shaggy hair.  I thought shaggy was adorable, but I guess I let it go a little too far into the eyes, and Bardo felt he needed to take things into his own hands.

Perhaps he learned his lesson, though.  His eyes dripped big alligator tears during his haircut at the Bella Sorella Salon.  He looked so different with short hair that I think he didn't feel like himself.  The above photo was taken right after his haircut.  He was still grieving.  He's come to terms with it now, and enjoys using the gel to stick up his hair to conceal his mistake.

And he has a new smile now because he lost his first tooth even though only four!

Boo's little bald spot is beyond fixing.  She'll be sporting a front of the head piggy tail this season to conceal clipper lines.  Lovely.


Lisa said...

hair cuts are always tough. whenever I cut my boys hair it is like they instantly grow up. I thinki the spiky hair is awesome and totally perfect Bardo!

Shandie said...

I think his short hair is adorable! Good job at fixing it Bella Sorella! Your kids are so cute!

Prairie Smoke said...

Ohhhhhhh Noooooooo! Although, I like Bardo's new cut.